Vagif K.

”The best experience/ over-exceeded all expectations. The Cozy Inn is one of the best places we have stayed at, at a very rational price. It is hard to remember anywhere I have enjoyed staying more. My girlfriend and I were blown away by the location, the scenery, the actual house and of course, the hosts.

David and Anh are amazing hosts, and they made our stay at their farm that much better. They take good care and pride in their farm and we loved talking with them as well as hearing their stories. They are very open and interesting people. We wish them the best and can’t wait to see them again someday.

The farm itself is beautiful, and the rooms are way better than any expectations we had. The common area includes a large sized living room space with awesome renovations. The design in general is very beautiful and super high quality. The surrounding territory includes their own beer tasting (we missed the weekend but it was fun regardless), chickens and other farm equipment that adds to a peaceful vibe. Also, the farm itself is pretty deep in the woods so it is extremely tranquil at night.

They offer a free breakfast, as well as an extra fresh cooked breakfast for a small price, we highly urge anyone to try that because it is absolutely fresh farm eggs, bacon, cheese – Anh’s cooking is delicious, and it made us feel great in the morning.
The place includes all the needed kitchen equipment for early coffees, breakfasts etc.

All in all, we had our expectations surpassed by a huge margin. We like trying new places but we will definitely be back again to this one. We were going to post this earlier. All the best to David and Anh”. Vagif & Stephanie