A lot of guests have asked us about the animals on the farm. We work on the farm (which is technically part of the brewery) to help care for our animals. They provide some of the ingredients you’re enjoying for breakfast!

If you want to visit the animals, you’re welcome to, just a few simple rules:

  • Do not feed the animals anything! They are on special diets (organic and non-GMO) and we need to ensure anything they get is appropriate for their consumption.
  • Animals are usually protected by electric fences which will give you a rather nasty shock if you touch them. So, please observe with your eyes and don’t touch or otherwise handle the animals.

Finally, if you want to walk out in the pasture to see the animals, keep in mind that the ground could be pretty wet. Make sure you have appropriate footwear or you may find your favorite shoes are now farm-brown in color.


The main livestock on farm are chickens – both egg layers and meat chickens. If you had a hot breakfast, it’s very likely those eggs came from our hens!

All of our chickens are raised on pasture. Egg chickens are moved to new ground every few days, and lay for approximately two and a half years (with a molt in-between). Meat chickens spend two weeks in the brooder and six weeks in the field before moving on for processing.

Buy eggs and meat birds in the Kent Falls Brewing Store.


One of our newest additions to the farm, our flock of laying ducks hang out on pasture and move every week or so to new ground. We really enjoy our ducks – they flock together, unlike chickens, and are a pleasure to work with (aside from being a bit messier with their food than the chickens!)

You can buy dozens and half-dozens of duck eggs (including jumbo duck eggs) in the Kent Falls Brewing Store.


We raise approximately 12 hogs on farm, processing at a USDA facility. The cuts are extraordinary in both flavor and mouth feel. Our pigs start their journey on farm in their brooder, and then move out into the field where they hang out in the trees, rooting for roots and other goodies.

Everything from full-sized hams, pork chops, roasts, ground pork, sausage, and more exotic cuts (pork kidney anyone) are available for purchase in the Kent Falls Brewing Store.


We grow a small number of turkeys on farm. Turkeys are not generally available until October or November, and usually sell out immediately. We may have a small amount of ground turkey available for interested parties, please check online.


Ginger and Oreo spend their time moseying around the farm, doing their best to beat back all of the brush and vegetation trying to cover everything! They spend the night next door at Farmer John’s, but during the day you’ll see them all around the farm munching away near a rock wall or pasture.

And yes…they eat poison ivy (quite happily!)

Note – we can deliver your purchases outside of store hours, just let us know that you’ve placed an order for farm goods or beer.

Sometimes we have other visitors on the farm… We generally let them go about their way (even the hawk that likes to much on our chickens).