OK, we’re going to move on from fowl of various type to animals of a more porcine nature.

We generally raise twelve pigs on farm to provide pork products for the farm store. This year one of our sows is going to stick around through the winter and will be joined by a gentleman from another farm down the road so we can have our own piglets in the spring!

For now, though – we just moved them to our vegetable garden to take care of rototilling everything for me:

Those pigs will do a lot of damage

Those pigs each weight about 250 pounds, and will take care of turning over everything remaining in the garden in about week, at which point they will move to their winter home.

While it’s hard to imagine, Meatloaf (the smaller male) started out a little bit smaller in the spring:

Hard to believe that Meatloaf started out so small compared his brothers and sisters

He arrived quite sickly, but with a lot of hand-feeding, love, and attention he grew up to be quite the scrappy pig! He got named Meatloaf because for much of his early childhood he was just lying around…like a meatloaf.