Look Who’s Here…

On Saturday, I welcomed a special guest who’s going to be staying with us for a few weeks:

looking for food
Bailey, Big Mama, and Meatloaf looking for some grub.

That’s Bailey in the back, an four year-old American Guinea Hog, a fairly rare breed. He’s going to hang out with Big Mama, our sow (on the right), and hopefully Mother Nature will take her course. We are all set up for some baby piglets and if all goes well, she’ll be ready to give birth in early March.

Watching their courtship has been fun – he was clearly very excited to meet her, and she doesn’t seem to mind all of the attention either!

Bailey and Big Mama get cozy
Two pigs, just getting to know each other.

Bailey is a super mellow and very friendly boar – none of the aggression that you see in some older males.

If you are staying on the farm, feel free to stroll over and give them a “hello”. You can toss them some breakfast leftovers (bread or veggies) – just no bacon, please. They will be quite happy for any scraps!