Run, Run, Run…

I am not the best runner. One could charitably describe me as “slow”. On my best days I might touch on a nine-minute mile, but recently I’ve been meandering more at the ten minute mark.

However, I do enjoy signing up for regional races. I find the excitement of the race setting helps me pick up the pace, and I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow racers, even if those of us in the middle (and rear) of the pack are mostly running for fun.

Me, after a particularly hot and humid run up in Warwick, New York.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put the kibosh on most races, but I’m still trying to do a few virtual runs here at the farm. I’ve signed up for the Sharon Road Race and the Kent Pumpkin Run, both of which I do every year. Both of them support local institutions (Sharon Day Care and the Kent Food Bank).

So, I may not see you at the race, but I’ll be doing the runs on the nice day of my choice and sending in my results for my virtual prize!

Here’s the route, if you happen to use RunKeeper. Feel free to follow along!