Happy Holidays

Anh and I don’t need to tell everyone what a crazy year this has been – we are all doing our best to muddle through it. It’s been hard on the restaurant, hospitality, and healthcare businesses across the board. We know that we are fortunate to be healthy and safe, but our hearts go out to those who are not quite so lucky.

2021 can only be an improvement. We look forward to reopening the Inn and welcoming guests to our lovely little spot on the farm soon. Until then, be thankful for what you have and don’t forget to offer a helping hand to the many that could us it.

  • Snowshowing across the landscape
  • Anh and Meatloaf enjoy the snow!
  • David and Anh in front of the Inn
  • First time on snowshoes!
  • The Cozy Inn at Night

Anh & David

Pausing Reservations

Hey folks.

As the case count in the US continues to break records, we’ve become more and more concerned about the risk of getting COVID-19. So in order to protect us and the high-risk people in our local pod, we’re temporarily closing the Inn again until later in 2021. We’re not happy about this, but it feels like it’s the most prudent thing to do.

Fortunately, the first vaccines are now approved, and we will see them rolling out over the next six months and more. Help is on the way, so thank medical and biological science for developing multiple safe vaccines so quickly.

We look forward to reopening our doors and greeting guests again once it is safe to do so.

Anh & David.

Happy (Day After) Halloween!

happy Halloween!

This year wasn’t going to have a typical Halloween, unfortunately. We did have one trick-or-treat visitor (hi Farmer John, Kate, Mabel, and Rose) but otherwise it was uneventful. Still, we managed to carve a couple of pumpkins and put them out in the street for the drive-by viewers. This was Anh’s first carving. Can you guess which one was hers?

Meanwhile…I put the pigs into the garden last week – and they got their reward today for doing such a great job trashing it to a desolate moonscape:

garden moonscape
Yeah, they are rough on the ground

The rain has hastened the process. Another couple of days, and there won’t be any green left. Even though the garden does look smashed to pieces, plenty of fertilizer is getting deposited, the soil is getting turned up, and after I put in some seed and another raised bed or two, it will be a very fertile and happy plot of land.

Meatloaf and Big Mama, of course, got their just reward:

ah...sweet pumpkin
Ah…sweet, delicious pumpkin!

Water Woes

2020 is just doing its best to cause us trouble.

Now that we’re finally getting ready to open, our primary well pump gave up the ghost last night after frying our pump controller. After some panicked troubleshooting to confirm the problem, our local experts from Tomascak Plumbing showed up and pulled the well string to take a look.

Fortunately, it looks like it was just the power lines down to the pump that were damaged and not the pump itself – most likely due to the power issues we had last month when we were out of power for five days and had some very power-quality power after Eversource brought us back on line. Now the power line has been repaired, and the entire water system is undergoing a sanitary cycle prior to coming back in service.

Our water is tested and monitored on regular basis for quality and bacteria, and we have a UV sterilization system installed to make sure the water is 100% pure. Feel free to ask us any questions about it, we are very proud of our aquifer and the tasty water that comes out of it for the Inn and the brewery as well.